[WTS] [USA] Charge port fuses

fuck i just bought a 32v fuse from oreilly yesterday :pensive:

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Just saw this. Breaker fuse?!?! Looks intriguing


This sale is on pause until I locate these again.

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These are located and for sale.

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I now realized I replaced mine with an auto 7A fuse but auto voltages are low compared with what my pack voltage is. How much of a risk is this?

It could arc or blow at a lower current


Has anyone tried something like this soldered directly inline with ~16 awg charge port wire with clear heatshrink?


seems like a solution if replacing the entire charge port assembly is an option if the fuse blows, then blown fuses could be replaced afterward.

edit: my thinking is that the charge port would want to be replaced anyway since it’s probably melted if this thing blew.


what do you think about using two of these, quickly swap fuses at the flick of a lever.

sadly they are massive. There must be a smaller version of them.

Actually there is prob a problem with when you release the wires you have live battery wires with no fuse…

wait no I was thinking both pos and ned would go through this but it would only be pos lead. So not so unsafe actually.


If you’re changing your fuses, then you have other, bigger, problems.

Sometimes I rip em out of my fuse holder and eat them because they look like candy. I just stopped putting them on boards as a result.


Just found this from Digi key for up to 18s builds, might be close enough for a 20/21s:


Was going to grab a few for my board but figured id share the love. The part of my brain that would let me use a lower rated fuse than the actual nominal voltage is full of dead people so I just can’t. Electrician problems I guess, just more evidence that electricians are drama queens lol. That and breaking DC is hard under load, like really hard.

here is an unrelated but hilarious picture i found on the interwebs. actually seen some weird shit like this but usually not this bad lol. HVAC guys, am i right?


Ill have you know that schedule 40 black iron is rated for 40A and I refuse to accept any other answer.

Bump, still have these available? I need a few :heart_hands:


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