[WTS - USA] Boosted v1 Deck

Looking to get rid of this deck and get a different flex, chances are I’ll bottom out on my crappy roads.

Deck comes with two xt90s soldered on, grip applied and the edges where the clear coat was worn away, I applied more.

Photos from the past:

Photos I took just now:

Does not come with any trucks or enclosure pictured, just to show what it looks like if you were to do it :slight_smile:

I think 95usd + shipping is fair. PM me if you’re interested


Whaaat. Why you selling man? It seemed like you loved this build


Oh I do, I’m going for the 42 inch vanguard instead :slight_smile:

Even more space for the artwork and my :clown_face: shoes :sunglasses:


Must be nice to have a big dick. I would be surprised if this doesn’t get picked up soon :joy:


Loool. I hope it does

Grumble grumble no refund yet grumble grumble

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Bumping because I go to the post office today, let me know if you’re interested!

Bumping again bc I go to the PO today!

Dropped to 85 + shipping

I’m assuming 25usd or less

Argh! I paid $155 for a used v1 deck a few weeks ago. I’m interested nevertheless, still available?

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I very much enjoy the 42" enjoy it :grin:

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Yep! PM me :slight_smile:

El bumpo

@Tyler93245 u want this?

what is the cheapest you can go? It doesn’t seem in great condition.

75 + shipping

International shipping available ? If so estimated price to au

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Sorry I don’t think I’m going to be doing international shipping anymore, it was a bit of a mess last time :sweat_smile:

I am definitely interested, what enclosure would I use with this deck. @Sn4Pz

@mmaner please close

@surfnacho a loaded vanguard generally requires ‘special’ enclosures, meaning you cant take a plastic flower potter (ahemm) and make it into an enclosure for this build. You can either find the best ones from @eboosted, the best value from @bigben or if you’re strapped for cash the Chinese website offer a battery and ESC cover that will atleast fit… Can’t guarantee it’ll be easy to upgrade in the future though