WTS [USA] BKB Duo Part out.

Parting out my original BKB duo, I would sell it whole but shipping would be a lot for not a very expensive board and the enclosure is cracked. I will take apart the board and send pictures of any individual part that you are interested in, just want to make sure there is interest in it before I go disassembling it. Everything is OBO, don’t be afraid to make an offer, this is my first time parting out a board so I’m just guessing on these prices. Everything is plus shipping.

10s3p 30q (always well cared for, kept at nominal any time I wasn’t riding for more than a few days, probably around 2k miles) $150

new-ish Xenith with switch, additional external Bluetooth module, and CNC’d heatsink (150 miles, Currently terminated in MT60 to match the motors) $210

111mm Hoyt Zoobombs (basically brand new, less than 10 miles, comes with a fresh set of zealos bearings that are just as new), $110

Flipsky vx1 with receiver $20, or if you but some of the other parts you can have it free.

BKB trucks with 6354 motors, almost new belts and 2 extra new belts, and mounts, pretty scuffed up but work fine. $80

Surf adapter, $20, or you get it with the trucks (if you want it).

Flipsky 4.20 FSEC, $40 terminated in MT60

BKB DUO v1 deck, 20$ (only pickup, northern 916 area code.)

Once again, If you see something you want, just send me a message with an offer I have never done this before.


111 Zoobombs and the wheels pulleys are sold

@Pecos still need a VESC?


Is that FS a single and/or do you have two by any chance?

it’s a dual, with a BT module


I’ll take it

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Do you actually live in Ireland (bio) or is that just a joke, its going to cost a decent amount to ship

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I do indeed, just sent a PM there but I have a forwarding address in the US too


My Vesc shows up on the 28th, hopefully my deck and drive kit come through shortly after.

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Nice! What’d you go with?

Ubox v2, I opted to buy new for the warranty. I have been having bad luck lately so the few extra dollars seemed worth it to me for this build. But i do need something to build a franken board from my parts pile.

@ARCTIC is that Flipsky 4.20 FSEC a dual or the single?



Also, it was supposed to be $60, its a bit dirty but it comes with bt qnd a switch and connectors. I dont know if its against the rules of to change it though.

Battery, xenith, drivetrain, surf adapter and reomte are sold

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Dm sent. 60 is fine.

I haven’t gotten a DM

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Got distracted :slight_smile:

Everything except the deck is sold (I’m not expecting to sell it) I’m going to keep this thread open for a day or so in case any of the sales fall out

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Everything is shipped and sold @xsynatic please close

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