[WTS-US] Used SKP Solo + 2x New 6485 173kv

I’ve gotten brutally fucked by school this semester. I’ve uninstalled most of my social media (not esk8 news, at least not yet), and im just trying to get rid of school distractions at this point. I have some parts that i’m gonna put up for sale over the next week that come from my “in progress” projects that I need to get rid of as they’re distracting me.

Used SKP Solo (Dual) - sold
Used at carvepdx. They didnt like my motor setup (flipsky 190kv, 18s). I was getting overcurrent faults at high speed + power, understandably so thats a lot of RPM on meh motors. Recommended that you use these with SKP motors (like the ones i’m selling below) This thing was mounted in my top box with the heatsink exposed, hence the silicone goop on top of the heatsink. No power button, mine died somehow. You can easily replace it with a latching switch of your choice, or probably just buy one for SKP.

Unused SKP 6485 v6 173kv (Newest ver) - sold
Bought from SKP in person at Carvepdx. Never used. They were supposed to replace the 190kv flipsky motors on my board, but getting their shafts machined for jump drive circlip compatiblity would take too much of my time right now, so i’m getting rid of them. That’s something i’ll likely pick back up in the future, but for now, no mountainboard.

Bundle both of them for 60 bucks off plus free shipping




price drops
i need burger money

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Motors sold.


Motors came yesterday, thanks. Wish I had some extra funds for the Solo!


Solos sold


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Moon’s been pretty willing to make stuff for me recently, I think you’d have good luck asking him

Btw this is a public thread, send me a pm

Oh that would be great! Thanks Evan I will ask him!

Oh shit yeah sorry I missed that

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Oh this sold a while ago pl close