WTS (US) TSG Pass/ Box of Wheels/ Lazy Rolling Hoody

Buyer pays shipping from Hawaii (Probably around 20 bucks per item)

TSG Pass Pro (Large) + Extras

Lightly used Matte Red TSG with small scratch on the back. It has a quick release clip because I hate messing with D rings.

1x tinted Visor
2x clear Visors
2x carrying bags
3x extra mouth guards
Extra cheek pad adjusters
Extra set of Cheek Pads
Extra washable inner liner

Original box and manual


Box of Wheels

Abec 107 super flys (a lil chunky)
BKB V2 (5 wheels) 150 x 50
Sunmate 150 x 50
Hota 150 x 50
Hota 155x 50

A bunch of tubes and a bag of bearings included


LazyRolling Hoody XL with Level 2 pads

Barely used (it’s hot in Hawaii). Adorable Yorkie not included


Thanks for looking! :eyes:


What size is the helmet?

red. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great deal for all those 6" tires! GLWS!!

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hey Fess, you know you were replying to Brian right? It’s #FF0000 to him :grin:

@Cc670555 Am I reading that right? $100+$20 for ALL the wheels and tubes pictured?

I think you mean #F23D5E


Yup, the wheel box is pretty heavy might be $20-$30 to ship it.

Interested in the hoodie.

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