[WTS] [US] Trampa Holypro MTB Deck (16ply) with bindings

So I have this thing for sale. It’s used, mildly abused but very much structurally in tact. I dont have detailed photos since it’s at home and I’m not, so this is the best you’re gonna get :rofl:

It comes with the pink and blue bindings. No trucks or wheels or anything else just to be clear about that. I already had it fully packaged (wrapped in a shit ton of bubble wrap) for a previous buyer but he flaked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’s “stiff”. If you’re like <150lb its gonna be fairly stiff, but with my 200lb (90kg) fatass on it it got some flex.
$150 + shipping


Also Im posting this since I’ll be home over the weekend to ship it.

Mucho interest 9m comin

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That stomp vid tho xD
Hmmmmm yessss i might want this; ill let ya know tomorrow unless someone beats me to it.

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I want it

Ill take it if the lunch box doesnt~

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Is this sold


Not yet.

Would ya sell trucks wheels aswell I know it says not included but they are already on there looking all shweeet!?

I don’t have them anymore

Available for the next 6 hours (before I leave back to school)
Or available for shipping next weekend

@xsynatic it sold