WTS (US): Torqueboards Mounts, Belts, Steel Motor and Wheel Pulleys, Pulley Covers

All shipped from Utah for cheap.

36T Wheel Pulleys - SOLD

Torqueboards Mounts - SOLD

4 HTD 265-5M 15mm belts - SOLD

Steel 8mm Bore Motor Pulleys with Keyway (Single 18T and 16T Set) - SOLD

Bullet Connector Adaptors 4.0mm to 3.5mm - $8 (paid $16)

Bump, anyone?

If you’ve still got this tomorrow I’d take the wheel pulleys and 16t gear pulleys!

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Thought the 18t was a set nvm

Are those wheel pulleys for abecs or kegels?

They’re for kegels! Sorry I had 3 and sold a set already.

Sounds good man!

I’ll buy the kegel pulleys if the other person. Dosnt buy them I can send you payment right now lmk

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Did you.end up selling the pulleys?

The other guy said he wanted them tomorrow, so not yet. Let me ask him.

The other guy in this thread wants the pulleys if you don’t, should I sell them to you or him?

Shoot bud didn’t realize they were kegels. You can sell those to him man

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I’ll take them

PM me the payment details pls

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On it!

Okay! You still want the 16t Motor pulleys?

I also have brand new venom bushings. Green and pink. And some used yellow orangutan nipples if anyone wants them.

ill take the 18T

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Anyone want the 16T pulleys or belts?

I’m interested in the 16mm pulleys, what is the width? I would like to find ones that can fit 12mm wide belts. If so, pls PM so I can buy. Thanks!

Do you still have the 16T Motor Pulley set?