[WTS-US][SOCAL] Hummie Hubs

For sale is a set of Hummie Hubs! These were shipped to me back in 09/2018.

They probably got <50 miles on them before they went into storage.

Pros: Hummie Hubs.

  • One of the centrax wheels has a ring in it (Shown below). They were delivered like that to me.
  • Let the the phase wires rub on the ground causing the copper to get exposed. I shrink wrapped them to cover it up(Shown Below).

Price: $400 local pick up. Add the cost for shipping for anywhere in the US.
Location: Ontario, CA


Lowered the price bump!


Could help if you change the category, that way people interested in parts actually get a ping.

(Apart from this in the wrong category either way)

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Will you ship to Australia?

I’m not looking to ship internationally at this time. :pensive:

Fair enough :frowning: let me know if you change your mind!

Yall could use a parcel forwarding company :man_shrugging:

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Thanks mate that’s a great idea. I have pmed him with an offer.

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They dont call me the matchmaker. for nothing :sunglasses:

Edit: edited for accuracy


SOLD! @longhairedboy

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