[WTS] [US, Seattle] Loaded Poke / Backfire Build - Campus Cruiser

Hey guys! Didn’t think I’d ever want to part with it, but I’m selling my first “DIY,” which is basically a Backfire G3+ deck swap. It’s a Loaded Poke deck, with Backfire hub motors + Cloudwheel 105 Donuts, Backfire ESC/remote, and the Backfire G3+ 346wh battery. I believe it’s 12s2p with Samsung 40T cells.

About 450 miles on the odo, so probably only 30-40 cycles on the battery. It’s a bit of a sloppy build as it was my first time, with truck hardware used to mount the enclosure, but it rides beautifully.

30mph max, and I can get 10-20 miles of range, depending on how I ride. Lost a lot of range when I switched to the CW Donuts.

I love this board, but could use the money for a new project. I’d prefer to sell it locally in the Seattle area (98026), but will ship at the buyer’s expense. Pics are below, lmk if you have any questions! No idea what to price this at, so I’m thinking $750 obo?

Price dropped to: $700 obo

Price now at $650 obo

Priced @ $600 obo


A couple of notes:

This board has Riptide 93a bushings and stays very stable up to max speed, but is also my most nimble board. I think the Loaded Poke is a super underrated deck for esk8. The kicktail is great for sharp turns or basic tricks. I never hopped too many curbs, so the enclosures have stayed decently clean. No wheel bite.

One of the hub motors has a slight growl, it may need a bearing replacement/refresh. Still as responsive as ever, can’t tell any difference. The enclosure mount holes could probably use some counter-sinking to make it look a bit better, but I’ve never been bothered by the dimples. I lined the edges of the enclosures with silicone. It looks kinda shitty but helps with waterproofing.

Happy to answer any other questions!

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