[WTS-US] Random things including Drivetrain

It’s that time in the build process where I’m trying to get rid of the parts I acquired when getting stuff for a build. I’m just adding what I have pics of at the moment cause I’m out of town until Sunday. I will add more things when I get home and if I change my mind on any parts I got.

All prices are in USD. Does not include shipping, and I will incur all paypal fees.

Item one - [SOLD]

Comes with everything needed to put on a board. This includes 6374 Flipsky motors, sunmate 8 inch tires and tubes, and Flipsky channel trucks with springs and egg shaped bushings like in the picture. It currently has 5.5mm bullet connectors but I will happily change to 4mm banana bullets upon request. Comes with 4 belts. Asking $150.

Item 2 - SOLD

They will be coming in the mail sometime next week, so they are not in hand quite yet. Pictures I have came straight from @Ac53n. I can take more pictures next week once they come in. Asking $385.

ITEM 3 - BN XL Idler mounts - $50

They are brand new. Just test fit. Not even motors were mounted.

ITEM 4 - BN adjustable baseplate - SOLD

It is used but in good condition. I’m not entirely sure which version it is.

ITEM 5 - 3DS adjustable baseplate - $30

Baseplate is used. Got it in a bundle deal but switched it for the other BN baseplate.

Will be adding more in the coming weeks.


Dibs on motors

Any issues with them? Are they the latest version? How many miles?

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Those sound like questions for @Ac53n. Also @Swol_Moon asked about them first, so I’m going to give him first dibs but IIRC he said that he didn’t have a massive need for them.

This the next step for the race board?

No issues, probably less than 200 miles on them, they’re the version from SKP from awhile back. I’ll see if i can find an order date for you.


He can probably utilize them better than I can. I appreciate you checking tho. It means a lot!

Yeah ofc


Looks like it was around october?


Eh. I have looked it over and I can’t even fit them on my setup so consider my dibs released

Still interested?

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Buy longer motor mounts :crazy_face:


The width is the problem, Boardnamics gd on 3 link truck

Oh yeah that’ll do it lol.

It was for the race board, right?

Ya maybe they would fit on an HD rear hanger but I’m not moving up to that yet


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bump more coming soon



whats shipping to nyc for the xl mounts?

I’ll pm you