[WTS] - [US] - Prototipo Deck + Enclosure + m35a 12s12p battery

Item 1
**Prototipo + Enclosure - Great Condition 8/10 **:
Price (USD): $900:


Enclosure was modified (power and charge ports) to make room for a massive 12s12p battery, still works perfectly and will come with the new Lacroix power button and charge port

Item 2
m35a 12s12p battery w/ Smart BMS:
Price (USD): $1000:


Brand new battery, has roughly 75 miles on it with only 1 charge cycle and equipped with Smart BMS

Is this what a used proto goes for these days? dear baby jesus

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always up for a best offer if you are interested.

A $900 proto ought to have a fuck ton more pictures.


Yeah you need many more closeups

Ends of the deck, edges, truck mounting areas, insets, etc. Also more of the enclosure too, internal closeups, etc.


Is that a VeniVici battery? Any build pics?

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$900 a bit high for a proto, at least for this marketplace, maybe FB lacroix group would be a better place to fetch a premium. My new Naz LS with enclosure cost $950


I was just selling a proto and enclosure with a 12s5p 40T and unity inside of it for $1000. :no_mouth:

I’d lower the price imo


As is customary for those… Probably not. Unless you have profile pictures with sunglasses on and not smiling, so we know you’re worthy.

Anyway, yes, internal pictures.and close ups would be appropriate.

These decks are getting to almost 6 years old, and “modified” is a VERY loaded word with some of the DIY community that fancies themselves super cool builders who just post big numbers to Facebook groups.

For an out of production board and enclosure such as this, it’s important to be scrupulous with purchasing in 2021/2022.

Best of luck with the sale. Very interesting setup nonetheless.


Yes it is! He’s a buddy of mine that did this for me, here are some photos of the build and his post when he completed the battery.


More photos for this asking, makes sense and my apologies for not including them to begin with, please see below:

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Nice job fitting that battery in there, GLWS!

Uploaded, sorry about that.

Just uploaded, sorry about that.

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You’re good, just trying to help everyone out

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Hey @normancook, I’m interested in the proto deck & enclosure:

Item 1
Prototipo + Enclosure - Great Condition 8/10:
Price (USD): $900**

New to the forum, but been searching for a while. Send me a DM if it’s still available?


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