[WTS] US-NYC 12s3p Samsung 30Q Battery Pack

Subject: [US] 12S3P Samsung 30Q Battery Pack

Item 1

Description: Selling this pack because it’s too much range for my riding. I purchased this pack from a former community member (He now sells boards under West Coast Standard Esk8). Not many cycles over the 3 years now that i have had this pack. I would store the pack at 20-35%, I fully charged it for the pics. The pack was built for me, and i never had any issues. I believe i priced it to sell, I’m sure who ever purchases this will reconfigure the cells.

Price (USD): $165 plus Shipping/ or Local Pickup


I thought unikboards was @okp , definitely not psychotiller :thinking:

I placed that sticker. It was built by psycho


FYI Just be prepared to get annihilated on this thread
I hope you’re not an angry man a lot of these guys do not like psycho take your zen pills :call_me_hand:


LOL, I know. I was part of the community when things went bad for Psycho. In all honesty, he messed up 2 orders of mine BUT he corrected both. The second time I didn’t bother messaging him a 2nd time, and he sent the correct item. The cells are good though.

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post some kind of unnecessarily long or tough bench test video to prove the thing can take a small beating. clamp 2 pieces of wood to the wheel to simulate load or something. i wasnt here for his fall, but that should instill more confidence in the pack, regardless of builder, id think.

From what I have seen it’s mostly welding skills and lack of fish paper to be concerned with in his earlier builds. I don’t know if he has remedied these things.

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