[WTS - US] NEW TB40 street build - 12s4p P42A - TB6 ESCs - Dual TB6380

I was planning on keeping this but I need to save money for Carve PDX and college so I have to let it go :disappointed_relieved:

TB40 Street Build


  • TB40 V2 Deck with integrated enclosure + heatsink - sealed with butyl tape
  • 12s4p P42A flex battery build by me :grin:
  • 2x TB6 ESCs on FW 5.2 - 80A/-80A motor and 60A/-16A battery per side
  • Flipsky Smart Antispark (the good one) with roll to start
  • 2x TB6380 motors (fresh af, still with plastic wrap on them)
  • TB110s - I have some new blue 72A, or I can swap them out with some slightly used black 78A for like $30 off.
  • TB CNC 280mm trucks
  • V7 Motor mounts - 15T motor 40T wheel with idler


  • VX1 Remote
  • 12s 4A charger

Price (USD): Pending sale… - including paypal fees and shipping


Black wheels:


V nice build. Had this before, rides so good! GLWS


Dibs on the battery and charger if you part it out.

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I just built this I ain’t parting it out :joy:


Why don’t you just have him build you and battery and sell you a charger :rofl::rofl::zap::zap::+1:


I just bought a Kweld - I’m supposed to be building my own packs now. The only way I can justify it is with mad dealzzz

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Great build Joey :star_struck:


Decent price drop, I don’t know why I started so high… Now this is a good deal.

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:eyes::eyes: what a deal

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How much

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It was listed for around $1800 I believe, but it says sale pending.

@xsynatic Sold, please close.

In before @xsynatic!

Motherfucker stole my line.

Still quicker than x.

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Sorry for stealing your line.

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Don’t be, it was fair game.

From here on out we off topic, and this one’s specifically(but not just) for you.
Never apologize to someone you didn’t actually, directly, harm. They’ll abuse it.
But listen to everyone, no viewpoint doesn’t matter, and dismissing one is always stupid.
That is all. Later, lil dude.

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