[WTS][US] Mega Sale

Basically selling everything that I don’t need, make an offer:

SOLD MTB Trucks w/ Springs, 8" pneumatic wheels, angled risers, 15T pulley, hardware for mounting, motor mounts - $150 shipped SOLD

2x 6354 200kV Sensored Motor:

  • one motor is good and works great, other one has a short I think should be an easy fix, I just don’t need it anymore.

good - $50 (the one with the white sticker on it)
bad - $35

Orangatang In Heat 75mm wheels with 3M Boosted V1 wheel pulleys: $30 + shipping

Random Skateboard Trucks and Wheels (I have the hangars too just not in the picture): $30 + shipping

Boosted 12s1p battery A123 cells LiFePO4 (3 cells bad): $50
Boosted V1 ESC w/ heatsink: $35

SOLD Boardnamics Stealth motor mounts w/ Idler Tensioner for Caliber Trucks / TB 218mm: $45 shipped SOLD
2x VESC Sensor wires: $2 ea plus shipping
2x 12T 10mm bore motor pulleys: $4 each never used

Orangatang Kegels 80mm wheels: $30
Kegel wheel pulleys 36T 5M 12mm wide: $18 each
Belts in picture: $2 ea or free w/ wheels, pulleys and bn mounts

Prices negotiable, just tryna get rid of everything, make an offer.


Hello @esk8god! Where are those MTB trucks, wheels, and risers from?

Save those Kegel pulleys for me? I can buy after the 25th, promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything for a month, lol

same kit as this http://www.diyeboard.com/11-offroad-allterrian-power-truck-kit-with-8-pneumatic-tires-p-709.html but with the older version motor mounts (in pic)

lol maybe

what if I offered to trade for your TB 218s?

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With the wheels???

I’ll take the sensor wires off your hands

Sure, check your PM for more details

I already pm’d about them a few hours ago :grin:


Mountain board kit.
Boardnamics Mounts x2

VESC Sensor wires
Orangatang Kegels 80mm wheels
Kegel wheel pulleys 36T 5M 12mm wide

What country are you in?

He is in the U S A

Who’d know since his profile is blank :man_shrugging:

It’s listed on the post’s title smh…

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what trucks are those and how long are they.

not sure really, but here are pics for length

I’ll pass on the sensor wires. Thanks!

That boosted pack available still?

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lmao nope sorry