WTS: US Flipsky dual 6.6 Mini ESC

I have a used 6.6 dual mini that I put 300 or so miles on. No issues just more ESC than I’ll ever use.

$140 shipped

It’s in my ESC box. Wrapped in plastic to stay fresher. :joy: I’ll grab a good pic after dinner.


Ah yes. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Interested… What voltage have you been running it at? Can you post some unwrapped pics?

I ran it at 12s with 40 battery amps per side. I’ll definitely grab a couple pics tonight.

Fun fact…it’s the only esc that I didn’t have issues overheating.


interested as well. Pics would be great.

I dug it out for pics but they’re shitty. I’ll take some better ones in the morning.

Forgot that I desoldered the ppm pigtail that is mounted to the bottom of the pcb. It’s still here. Phase wires are on the short side.

Has 5.1FW

Action shot

Is it gone?

Not yet.

PM Sent… I can really use this.

Sold and paid for

@xsynatic thank you sir

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