[WTS -US] Evolve Two DIY Semi / ABEC 107mm Electric Flywheels / SurfRodz RKP 200mm Trucks with Adjustable Base Plates / 10S BMS / Nano X Remote / 4A Charger / HWK Moto Pants

The build was originally projected for a double stack 10s7p or 10s8p battery, with a 22mm (+3mm lip) enclosure riser designed by @taz. If you want to follow that route I can provide you with the 3D print files. However, board comes with a 3D printed 10mm (+2mm lip) enclosure riser which will allow you to install a custom single stack 18650 cell 10s4p battery. Selling a bunch of other stuff, trucks, wheels, BMS, etc., in good condition. Come take a look …:point_down:

US shipment at the buyers expense. Bay Area pick up preferred. No lowballing. Selling board as is (no piecing x the moment).

Evolve TWO Custom Semi
A not so common Evolve ONE board DIY’d for a TWO motor convertion. Retro looking Snub-nose deck, clear grip; @moon carbon I-Things; Evolve supercarve trucks and Speedbearings; fitted with one of a kind Navy Blue @ATC motor mounts and custom crossbars; BKB 15T motor pulleys (with keys) & Evolve 33T wheel pulleys, 15mm belts; Evolve enclosure with 10mm printed enclosure riser; dual Focbox (1.7 & 1.6) with a custom @esk8life dual heat sink. All of them new independent components. Never been used. Build powered by two lovely and hard to find Enertion R-Spec 6355 motors (from 'ma boi @Mikenopolis) and Evolve 83mm wheels, all in good condition. This is a semi complete build minus battery, antispark or remote. The retro looking board is the perfect starting point for that unique DIY project you seeking:

$800 (USD):

SurfRodz 200mm RKP Trucks
With adjustable base plates (another two fixed 50° & 45° degree RKP base plates also included in the package), 200mm hangers, 10mm thick and 10cms (100mm) long interchangeable axles; plus supercool 10mm & 30mm long axel aluminum spacers (16mm thick). These trucks are ideal for a wedged street carver, Prototipo or Trampa style deck build. Very rare RKP adjustable base plate trucks. Hard to find:

$315 (USD):

Pink ABEC 107mm Electric Flywheels
Unobtanium. Used. Centerset, 80a duro, 75mm wide, 62mm contact patch Electric Flywheels. Some use. Slice in one wheel:

$100 (USD):

Nano X Remote
New. with receiver:

$20 (USD):

Enertion 4A Charger
Used. Good condition:

$40 (USD):

BesTech D140 10s / Li-ion
Never used. New from BKB. Charge only BMS:

$25 (USD):

Tacon ‘Bigfoot’ 160 outrunner 245kv Motor
Got this extra disassembled Bigfoot. Rare. Low use. In good condition. Needs one bearing. Unfortunately I don’t have a press to push the bearings and shaft in. Shouldn’t be a problem for a guy with the proper tooling. Got two of these on another build and they are incredibly powerful:

$20 (USD):

Silicone Nose Guards
New. Thick and cushy. Comes with adhesive tube. Neon orange. For Boosted/Loaded Vanguard type:

$10 (USD):

400mm HTD-5M Belts
New. 12mm wide timing belts:

$9 (USD):

HWK Motorcycle Pants
New. Knee padded, hip protected. Polyester fiber, scotch lite reflective seams. Size: L, 34" ~ 36" inches waist, 30" inches inseam:

$55 (USD):

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That deck is really neat ngl

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Can you show an amp measurement of the 4A enertion chargers?

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Dude those @ATC mounts are freakin gorgeous :star_struck:

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Yeah @Nacho, they are one of a kind. Think @ATC only made this set in Navy Blue. Most I’ve seen are all raw. These @ATC mounts are the most precise I’ve ever tried on Evolve supercarves (along with my @IDEA mounts for @Boardnamics BN220 hangers which also fit with micrometer precision).

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I meant a measurement using a meter or a smart bms.

The enertion chargers I own only go to 3A max

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Don’t have one. This one supposed to be a 4A and comes from an Enertion Raptor, all I know.

Green Flywheels ?

If not Green - then - oh well - Pink it is then.

Reserve em for me.

London , UK


Edit - Why oh why - did I not realise time has moved a year into the future . . . doh

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