[WTS] [US] Evolve GTX motors, ESC, Battery and R2 Remote ($500 shipped)

Motors are bought new in June, everything else are just over 1 year old. everything works
as it should. Was lucky enough to never experience cut outs with this remote. Can provide proof if requested. Not looking to part out at this time. I am selling because I am upgrading everything on the GTX.

Just showing off my collection cause it’s my first time selling on here. Been in this hobby for 10 years.

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Would you have a esc for sale by any chance? (Or just sensor wire adapters?)

No separate ESC at this time sorry. Gonna try to keep this intact for now

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damn that is at a great price. I just had my evolve esc blow up so i went for a focbox upgrade. If any one is wondering you just need some trucks&motors and you have an evolve board for under 800 USD.

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oh and a deck lol

And mounts and wheels, lol


haha yes but most diyers have those. an evolve battery cost 500 euros if you buy from evolve…ripoff i know but this package is still a good price

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I’m looking to buy an R2 remote - they reliable? Let me know if you want to sell yours!

Evolve remotes are only for evolve boards.

Yeah typical case of ask stupid question first then do research and find the right answer lol…

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This still for sale?

If Justin has sold his I would be interested in selling mine. Similar set up. Newer gtx battery. ESC and motors are a bit older but work fine. R2 remote and an original remote.

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I’m looking for a BMS.