[WTS] [US] DIY Parts cluttering up the corner of my room

Edit: Dismantled a build and found some parts in a box in my closet so I gots more stuff to sell!

Sup guys, now that I’m working on my 5th build and during my build phase I buy a bunch of shit I don’t need, I have a couple stuff for sale both new and used. Tear apart the pieces of my board you vultures, please and thank you.

Caliber II trucks and baseplate with 90mm abec flywheel clone wheels
Description: comes with wheel pulley I’m too lazy to take apart
Price (USD):$50+S&H OBO

Torquboards 218mm Hangars and baseplates
Description: brand new but I painted the hangars red with primer and enamel paint
Price (USD):$50+S&H OBO

Flipsky 200A anti-spark Smart Switch
Description: brand new still unopened
Price (USD):$35+S&H OBO

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I’ll take the 20 dollar battery and the maytech motor for local pickup if that’s ok

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Sounds good man, where in NYC you located?

manhattan, but i can ride out to queens.

Yea, that works for me, DM me and we’ll figure out where and when

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Hey sexy :sunglasses:


Thanks baby :kissing_heart:


Vesc and 280A anti-spark switch SOLD


The shitty Samsung pack is back up for grabs if anyone wants it.

What kind of samsung cells? 30q 35e @Solexe


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Sounds good. I need to make a 6s battery. Pm’d ya. I love shitty batteries


Sounds familiar :thinking:


Added a bunch of stuff to sell. I got trucks for bucks and deals for your wheels!

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Motor sold! VX1 and shitty battery on hold!

Flipsky VX1 remote sold, boardnamics hangars sold.

Shitty battery and benchwheel remote sold

Giving this post a good old bump

What is left?

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Everything up there is still up for grabs