WTS (US) Clever 6x2 Tubes and Tires

Tryna be done with my new short board/campus cruiser build so I’m selling some extra parts to fund it :slight_smile:

Onsra TKP Trucks W/Motor Mounts + Bash Guard SOLD

Item 2: Clever 6x2 Tubes and Tires ($35.00)
5x Clever 6x2 tires with inner tubes, one tube has a messed up fill port and doesn’t hold air so that would need a patch but it should be an easy job with some sealant, even then 4 of the tubes are fine so you can at least get up and rolling

Trying to get these sold ASAP because rn I just have this bomb looking thing with batteries and phase wires in the corner of my room, feel free to send any offers my way :slight_smile:

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Bumparoo+price drop

still open to offers yall, also just broke my spare puck remote so I’m extra motivated to sell quick :slight_smile:

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Bumpidy bump

Bump+price drop on onsras to 165

Onsra trucks are SOLD

Clever 6x2’s are still available

Bumpidy bump bump, clevers are still available