[WTS] [US] Carvon V4 *needs repair* $150OBO

Selling my Carvon v4 direct drives with about 1,500 miles on them. I’m being very transparent here that these need some work. In desperate need of maintenance; hence the low price, including:

  • Bearing replacement on one motor (extra bearings included)
  • stripped can screw removal (extra screws included, recommend dremmel and extract with flathead)
  • stripped collar screw replace (no extra screws included but seem to be M4 30mm. m3 is too small which is what I tried)

Would do all this myself except I can’t remove the can on one motor due to stripped screw (no dremmel for me) Rides super smooth and powerful once repaired and has no trouble getting my 120lbs to 40mph with room to spare.

-Also, the can on one motor seems to be contacting the stator; unclear fix. I could not find the problem from extensive looking. Makes a knocking sound. I can even include a gear puller for free, just will raise shipping a bit due to weight.


  • Carvon v4 dual dd 5.5mm bullet connectors (broken magnet in can, not big issue)

  • Randal 35 base plate with RipTide urethane and pivot

  • Stock Funbox base plate with RipTide pivot

  • Screws and bearings

  • Worn protective urethane wrap

  • 4x ABEC11 97mm classic flywheels for an extra $60. Not interested in selling unless included with the dd. Many miles but good condition, no chunks.

If you want a small project to work on, these might be for you. Any questions, just ask.


Will you do $6? Please i really need it. Its for my sick grandma


Maybe for 8.50 and a ham sandwich /s


Bump $160

bumpitty bump

$150 shipped takes them.

how long would it take to repair these whats the point in buying a motor with 1,500 miles

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The point of them? They’re powerful direct drives at a very low price point that simply need some love and care. I’m including most of the parts needed to fix them up.

Yes they have some miles and wear and tear on them, hence why they need some work. Replacing the bearings is a quick job but there’s an issue on one of the motors where I think the stator is making contact with something in the can. I have not found any wear or damage on the magnets or windings or anywhere for that matter from this which is strange but it’s one of the things that needs fixed. Could even be something else other than stator contact but idk. That’s also why they’re cheap and a project to work on.


could they be used on a offroad board?

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Not reccomended for 2 reasons.

One, only abec core wheels can go on these until someone decides to make different adapters.

Two, they’re 110kv which would leave you with little torque at anything larger than 110mm or so. I found 97mm to be a good balance.


i just looked at the page and there not strong enough for my local hills


Are these still for sale

If yes what would shipping to uk be like

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Not sure but shipping to UK would be something like $40.

Most things should be easy to fix, just replace a few screws and replace a bearing. I don’t think I have all the right screws with me, but I identified which ones they are.

But there’s also what I think is the stator making contact with the motor can. But like I said I couldn’t find any markings or scrapes from that but something is not as it should be. If you want I can take a look at it again and see If I can find anything.

I would prefer to send this to someone capable of fixing that stator problem. Don’t want to have someone buy it thinking they can easily fix it and not be able to figure out what’s wrong with it after all; that isn’t cool. If you want to try though; have at it.

I have half a mind to figure it out myself now that I have more tools, skills, and something else to ride.


Ah yeah just thought it needed a bearing to be replaced that’s all

If it’s more complicated then that I will have to leave it

It’s probably worth it for you to fix it up as you will get quite a lot more

Why do you think the stator is hitting the can? Is the stator itself intact?

When turning the can I feel strong resistance and hear knocking at that point if I jiggle it back and forth. It’s been a while since I messed with it but I think I recall it stopping or reducing when spun up.

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Sounds like a magnet might be moving?

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Could be. When I checked they were all snug and not protruding from the retaining ring. Could be touching slightly.

I’ve had them move when I turn the can, then when you take the can off the magnets snap back in line. Easy fix with some epoxy.


How about a clean crisp Benjamin?
A hunnert bux!