[WTS - US] - Bustin Spotster Dualomo V2 w/ Upgrades

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Item 2
Description: This board is just shy of 1000 miles and will potential increase as I still ride. It was my first introduction to esk8. I bought it used from Morgan Brady (super active on all the Lacroix forums). I used it as my daily commuter all of 2020 and recently bought a Prototipo which is the only reason I’m selling it. It’s got the Five-0 100mm wheels in clear (sold out) and the new trilogy bushing set.

Please note there are a few missing screws in the middle fo the enclosure because the inserts have stripped. I have new screws and inserts from Bustin I simply haven’t had time to take on the project. Additionally there is a line in one of the back wheels from when a door was opened and hit the wheel while I was discharging the battery before a long cold stretch this winter.

I’m pretty new to the forum, but my handle on eBay and reverb is the same and I have 100% feedback.

Please message me with any questions.


Price (USD): 500



SOLD to @reverb99




but is item 1 still available?

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No price so it’s invalid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: