WTS [US] Bunch of parts (TB DD, Trampa, and more)

Pausing Esk8 to focus on E-motorcycle (even more expensive than Esk8). Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees. Shipping from Milwaukee, WI. No promises on shipping times but I’ll get to people as fast as I can.

Caliber 50 and BKB motor with mount
Description: A bundle deal. Well used, probably between 500 and 700 miles. Pushed my 155lb ass up to 34mph on the flats all by itself. Not shown is matching front truck. Motor pulley flange farthest from the motor was removed to aid with on-the-road repairs.
Price (USD): $50




90KV TB DD motors and hangar
Description: Originally bought for an AWD build from @ahrav, but I found that 2wd on TB110s is plenty for me. Soon I’ll have a motorcycle for anything faster than 30mph :star_struck:. Never used by me, but seem to be in good condition. The insulation on one of the phase wires is sliced, see pictures. Can fix if requested, but the wire will end up a bit shorter than the others. Does not come with base plate or front truck.
Price (USD): $300

Images - 90KV

TB DD ABEC adapters
Description: 2 adapters, no screws
Price (USD): $25

Images - ABEC adapters

BKB and TB 6355 motors
Description: Well used motors. Both still work as far as I know, but I haven’t spun them up in a while. BKB motor has a dented bearing shield but still spins freely.
Price (USD): $40 for both

Images - motors

Trampa Vertigo Trucks
Description: Green dampas, come with bearings and spacers. One of the hangers has grub screw indents from a motor mount.
Price (USD): $120

Images - Trucks

TB DD AT adapters
Description: Dinged up a bit, but they’re aluminum, so they can be filed if needed to get rid of any rough spots.
Price (USD): $75

Images - AT adapters

Trampa SuperStar Hubs
Description: <50 miles on them. Somehow a couple of the bolts are bent, but they are easily replaced. One is missing also.
Price (USD): $75

Images - Hubs

Trampa Treads and Mudpluggers 8"
Description: 4 hard compound trampa treads and 2 mudplugger tires. Treads have <50 miles on them, mudpluggers have some wear. Selling all six together.
Price (USD): $45

Images - Tires

Vertigo/Infinity motor mounts
Description: 2 motor mounts for vertigo/infinity trucks, one completely unused. The pulleys are 66 tooth, and fit trampa 8" hubs (pulleys made by trampa). Pulleys come with standoffs and motor mounts come with all hardware and an extra pair of truck clamps. Belts are 420mm. Motor mounts can be angled about 30 degrees.
Price (USD): $75

Images - motor mounts etc

80mm Orange Kegels
Description: <100 miles, decals still mostly there.
Price (USD): $30

Images - Kegels

Freebord Bindings
Description: Pulled off an actual freebord
Price (USD): $25

Images - bindings


Methinks @Makuta wants the Freeboard bindings


Want the hubs! How much for shipping to Canada? Are you willing to ship to Canada?

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dang, wish those trucks and mounts were in my cards…

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They are on their way! Thanks for the head’s up!

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TB DDs lowered to $300

Btw I bought the tbdd if that matters in these sales threads, I pm’d about them