[WTS] [US] Boosted drive train, TB 12s4p

Hey all,

selling some components that are gathering dust.
Bay Area Preferred

Boosted V1 Drivetrain w/ battery w/ ESC:
battery or ESC not working, wont take charge

Torqueboards 12s4p Battery w/ Hi5ber deck
Used under 5 times, with 12s charger

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Where abouts are you located? I like the look of that deck

located in san jose, would like to sell the deck+battery together, has predrilled holes to match!

deck and battery mine unless somebody beat me to it
can’t say no to hi5ber


If this was EU, wouldve snatched it. Enjoy @Scepterr

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How much with shipped for the dickyho dual belt drive with esc?

I would snatch that up instantly :grinning:

He listed for $50 and it should fit in a medium flat rate box ($15) or large flat rate box ($20)

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That’s exactly what I was thinking, a flat rate box would perfect.:+1:

I’ll take the dickyho setup if it’s not spoken for already. I’m in the Bay Area

dickyho belt drive is sold

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Boosted drivetrain lowered to $150

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Do you have the remote that goes with the boosted ESC?

no remote sorry! :frowning:

@zach theres the same deck local to me selling for £75…

Cant find it right now tho. Maybe it sold

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Oh mooner, my wallet cries
Let me know if you find it again tho, would deffo snap it up