WTS US Boardnamics drivetrain (220 hangers, XL mounts, split angle baseplates)

Dealllzzzz folks

Pink carpet not included
Bushings not included
Pivot cups included tho

Motor mounts and baseplates haven’t been ridden, just mounted. brand new. Hangers, idk. Maybe? They have small scratches and the axles show signs of use but they also look great.

Thinking of starting this at $150 shipped? Cost me $230 + shipping and the parts are still pretty fresh.


Bump. 120 shipped thru the wknd

Final price drop to $100 shipped. If these don’t sell within the week, I’m gonna keep them

Would you sell just the baseplates?

Nah. Wanna sell em as a bundle

Willing to trade the hangers and motor mounts for 184mm hangers + short motor mounts


Sold @xsynatic