WTS (US) $400 18S3P jumper pack

18s3p molicell p42a pack with one test cycle on it. Daly dumb bms. Built by me. Pretty damn good deal if u ask me. Clear shrink can see the balance leads and shit. Got a 12v step-down wired already with a 2-pin jst out for light or whatever. $450 US shipped from MN.


Im also sellin a pkp drivetrain and haero bro on here which is most of what u need for a good jumper. Youd just need tires, hubs and a high V VESC. Willing to sell the lot for a deal PM me if ur interested. Thabks!


bit offtopic, sorry.

Just a minor comment(and you’re not alone doing this), when using the XT connectors, try use the female and male parts to also indicate if its an input or output. F.e charge port is an input and esc is an output :slight_smile:

In this case you’ve used XT90 and XT60 respectively, so really no issue, but if they were both XT90 you could potentially plug in your charger into the ESC port with that configuration :slight_smile:

//end of rant


For sure, i realize the conmector cutouts arent sanded down nicely either, which i think the price reflects. But theyre solidly mounted and water proofed.

Speking of priced to sell, lets drop her to $400!!

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