WTS US 2 - TB 190kv 6374 motors $75 going to post office tommo want to ship these also [SOLD]

Like the title says
2 TB 6374 190KV motors, these were purchased from a forum member I was told they are brand new, and it looks to me like they are, when I got them however the sensor wires were cut, I have fixed this.
$100 each if you buy both I will pay for shipping in the US


Also 2 Maytech motors 170kv 6355, New, installed but never used.
Same price $100 each, free shipping in US if you buy both

Unloading some of the extra stuff I got, and wont be using.
These are also available for pick up in the Bay area of SF
Offers are welcome.


How come you are selling these already?

Well I looked through my stuff at home and I realized that I have enough motors to finish my next build, which will probably take me about another month or two, and I dont have plans for a third build yet…so as I see it these 4 motors will likely be collecting dust for at least 6 month to a year


Oh well, I am no better.

Yeah I have 4 tb 6355s and that’s going onto my 4wd build, and I have two maytech 6880s that il throw onto that board that you rode in the parking lot

Ah, the 6374s are from that board?

No i have 6355s on that board, plus 2 more new ones. The 6374s are new

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Damn, if only those were sealed 6374 maytechs.

I have 2 brand new unsealed 6374 maytechs. Debating to sell it for sealed ones

Glws, homie

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I love my sealed 6880s wish I had 2 more of em

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4 of those? That’s a lot of power. You want to go like 50mph? :smiley:


No lol, I like the torgue :sunglasses:


So you want more of this? :rofl:



Bump, motors! Come get your motors!

Yall dont need no motors?

If I was in the US I’d scoop these up :upside_down_face:

Where you at bro? I can ship outside of us.

Ok that’s not too bad, just to confirm the shafts on these ones are 8mm right?

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Yes sir, 8mm with a 3mm keyway

Bump price drop 90 each, same shipping deal!