Wts (uk-eu) parts or complete Apex predator 1300£

Selling my beloved apex predator, specs below (part price)

Vesc maker x dv6 (175£)
2 years old, well looked after, with Bluetooth module

Battery molicell p42 smart bms 12s5p (350£)
Built by @Anubis, with llt smart bms, about 70 charges I think, still does 25 miles on a non extreme ride. See images for cells balance

Motors Flipsky 6374 170kv (130£)
Bit of scratches on the can, other than that they work as intended, bearings are in good condition.

Moon drive 10/47 spur version. (160£)
They are noisy, but you all know that already, other than that been looked after and cleaned couple of times in 1 year, case at the bottom is scratched but that’s about normal for a mtb

Charger 8a from a kaly, (80£)
Works, don’t know what else to say about a charger

Wheels hubs mbs plastic with clever tires (85£)
You see trampa at the front, I’m keeping those and will put the mbs ones before the sale. They come with the inner spacer between the bearings.

Trucks apex air with bullbar, (350£)
Purchased here second hand, red Krank, they are absolutely amazing, but you guys know about them :smiley:

Deck apex predator 2021 (i think) (150£)
Scratches at the bottom, other than that is in very good condition, a very good deck.

Bindings mbs f4+f5 heel straps (70£)
The f4 have aluminium l brackets instead of plastic, they kept breaking and I got fed up.

Remote vx1 (25£)
This I put a 800mah battery, last much longer

Battery and vesc enclosure (60£)
Custom made, been using it for a year or so, the vesc bolted through a 3+3mm aluminium plate on the top, I think works very well since the vesc hardly goes above 60 degree on very hard rides on 120a per side

If you buy this all new right now is 2700+, I’m looking to sell mine for 1300 negotiable.

Happy to sell for parts, just wanna sell it as I’m buying a track day car and need the extra cash!

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Although its unofficial, and doesn’t cover water damage, I will repair the battery in this if it fails prematurely free of charge (Or with cost of materials if that is too high)


My wallet is crying, my butthole is clenching, and my heart is throbbing…

Gonna ask the missus if we can add this to the mortgage


I can do you an invoice for a kitchen refurbishment job :rofl::rofl:

Nah but when we move in I could do with a hand insulating the shed to build my workshop :rofl:

Now open to sell for parts, shipping in europe (custom charges might apply)

I’ve received 2 offers for the battery and for the trucks, so those might go soon.

Prices are negotiable!

This is all still available, as lot or parts

All still available, grab a deal, price negotiable!

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This is quintessentially British