[WTS] [UK] Custom Haero Bro, 12s4p, Apex Air Trucks, Moon Drives

Hey guys,

I’m looking to sell a custom Haero Bro board that was made by Big Ben Enclosures. I’m selling this as I already had another bro and I’m looking to get something smaller and lightweight.
It’s never had any mechanical/electrical issues and was made by Ben so the quality is top notch.

There is some general wear and tear with some some cosmetic scrapes which I have pictured.

There are a couple chips from the bottom of the fiberglass enclosure - I misjudged some rocks while off road and the black outer coating has been chipped but the white layer underneath is still solid and intact.

  • this shouldn’t be too hard to fix but if you want a new enclosure I believe it shouldn’t cost more than £150 from Ben - I have reduced my asking price to account for this).

Specs are as follows:

  • Haero Bro Stiff Flex

  • 12s4p 4200mah - Samsung 40t cells

  • 6374 Bioboards motors

  • Moon gear drives - I think these are a 5-1 ratio.

  • Xenith esc

  • Apex Air Trucks - with a variety of bushing duro and shapes.

  • 7 inch MBS Rockstar hubs

  • Hoyt Puck remote

  • Charger

Asking price is £1700 excluding shipping costs.



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Asking price now £1500

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I can vouch for Sam being a stand up guy and of course this board is great. If anyone was worried about the chips in the enclosure I can work with them to try and get a new one made or fill and polish up the existing one.


Thanks Ben! Very kind of you


Wish I could afford this
Really want but got no money to spend on this sort of thing


I wish you could afford it too bro! Haha


Looking to sell this ASAP - now asking for £1400

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Wish I was in the UK / needed a board like this. Fantastic value for money, blows my mind no one has picked this up yet.


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I also have slightly used road tyres and a spare tube I’ll throw in too


Omg such. Good deal
Someone but before I do

Calling dibs on it

Sold - please close. Thanks!

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