[wts][Sold] MAD hubs, worn but refurbished

Hi there,
I want to sell my MAD hub kit from the group buy by @rey8801 on the other forum.
They are nice but not as good as Landwheels or Hummies which I also own so I don’tneed them :). Its the 75KV Version.

They got very hot due to a wrong winding on one of them and my agressive riding style :D. The stator was replaced with a brand new one that was never used (the one with the connectors still there on the pics) I lost some of the screws which I replaced like shown on the last picture.
You’ll need new Sleeves for them since the heat degraded them from inside, they widened leading to much more rolling resistance and a flapping sound. Its intended for someone who want to do some Direct Drive conversion like Rey did. The price was 170€, I’ll let them go for 65€ plus shipping.
The shown Paris hanger and a baseplate is included for free.


Hi, I’m interested for the hubs, can you pm me?

Don’t want to derail here but how are the hummies compared to the others?

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How the hell did you manage to torture those in such short span of time? When did you received them? About a week ago no?

The hummies are a rolls royce, the landwheels a ferrari :grin:

Lol no, they are from the first groupbuy last year. But I tortured them. Here is how I ruined the last pair:

(long and boring :D)
This is my primary testing track :wink:

Nice track. Too bad of the shitty parts but generally very nice.

What are you shooting with? It’s really shite.

Lol, its an old Mobius cam, not so good for fast movements and shaking. It’ll retire as a webcam soon :slight_smile: Next video I’ll upload (if I ever will do that) will be made with help of a friend and his camera drone but I’m not into that filming stuff :slight_smile:

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Problem here with bike tracks is, they are often not interconnected or you have to go an regular streets (which I try to avoid due to the current legal situation in germany). I found a track connected to the one in the video almost going all the way to work but at one point I have to carry or go over a regular street where cars are going quite fast :frowning:

Ah i c hehe

huh, never heard of landwheels until now.
The chinese mellow clone guys?? :o
Never would have guessed that their hubs were any good…
1100w motors too :o

^Are these legit? or knockoffs?

Maybe some still in Stock, lw are history and their predecessor is Revel :wink:

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I assume you have vescs hooked up to these hubs :slight_smile:

Of course :grin: they can do 55kph with 10s and have lots of torque for the 90kv

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Thats pretty amazing
Find it funny how I’ve only been hearing about the raptor hubs and hummie hubs to be the only “decent” hubs.
And all other chinese hubs are “trash” :stuck_out_tongue:

how much do you weigh?
personally im on the lighter end at 140lbs

I’m 180ish lbs :slight_smile: the problem is, they are not available for sale separately :grin:

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yeah quite unfortunate

@visnu777 are they still for sale?

Nope, that’s why it says “Sold” in the title :wink:
@mmaner can you close it please :slightly_smiling_face:

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