[WTS] Six shooters, ripba trucks, 10s BMS and other goodies(SOLD!)

So here’s the scoop, I thought I had convinced a friend into building his own esk8. He bought a bunch of parts and then just never got around to it. Life got complicated for him so he needs to unload he gear quickly. I’m putting everything up as a package deal (his request) but I’m sure he would part stuff out if the offers are good.
$400 takes all of it

Whats included:

Brand new six shooters, never even ridden once
62T versa pulley/gears
LHB Anti spark
10s Bestech BMS (LION, I’ll get the exact model number, it was purchased through www.buildkitboards.com)
Full set of riptide 96a bushings (Canon, Fatcones, and chubbys)
Bearing spacers
Motor pulleys (16T)
Ripba Trucks and @Psychotiller mounts (can comfortably fit dual 6355’s on these.)
HM-10 for bluetooth
Blue Voltmeter
A key turn off/on switch

Like stated above, he wants to just sell all of it as a package, but I understand alot of us don’t need everything in here. Hit me up if you want just a single item, I’ll have to run it by him since its all of his gear.

If you want any other pictures or info on whats in here, let me know.

Shipping from Northern VA, USA


Can you add “US” to the title, please ? So “EU” people don’t have to open the thread to know if it’s for them or not :wink:

I’m sure if it’s a good offer he would ship to EU, just no idea how much it would be!

Update from my friend, he wants this stuff GONE!!

He just hit me up saying $250 will take it all!!!

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I’ll take the whole lot at $250

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Pending sale from first person that PMed me…came in before your response @clistpdx

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Sold to first PM’er/reply. Sorry all, he beat everyone in rewsponse time and all around manliness


DAng it!!! I was sO close



You messaged one singular minute before lol

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@Itsmedant can we close this then?

Yep, close away!

Is that something I can do or does it need a mod?


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