[WTS] Photon, Peli 1300, Unity mount box

Many things for sale, as I’m not DIY enough :sweat_smile:

Pelican 1300 Case

No foam, xt 90 male load port, dc charge port, incl connection wires to battery

New price: 80€
Asked: 40$

For strapping it on the board

Unity Mount Box

New price: 90€
Asked: 40$

Nitecore Intellicharger i8

New price: 33€
Asked: 20$

Photon Remote

New: >100$
Asked: 60$

Cell Charger


  • A good remote with telemetry

I don’t suppose you’ll part out the metr pro?

Sorry to see this after only 3km. Good luck with the next build.

I believe that remote is the Photon remote?

Where are you located? Sorry, I’m confused by CH/EU. Switzerland? All prices are USD?

Interested in the DD + 110, what KV? Wondering what shipping would be to the states.

How much for tb110?

@directC I’ll take the DieBieMS if it is still available.

You shouldn’t give up because of a battery issue. Buy a spot welder and slap that battery together proper.

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just giving up on this board
commuter build is coming my way :smile:

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yeah, it’s the photon, thanks :slight_smile:
I’m located in Switzerland
Prices are in $ as it’s closer to chf, than € is

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looks like i won’t sell the board, but many parts
as i have one spare…
write me a pm where you live, etc and we’ll see

only with the DD’s

Those 35E cells, how much current are they rated for?

Dang! I was wondering what the purpose for that massive 14 parralel group’s, but you would need that many at only 8 amps per cell.

Idk but looks like evolve use them… I guess they don´t put a 14P pack in there boards. If those packs than perfom how they should, I can´t say…

Dang, thats a good price for the DDs. I need to stop hoarding parts just “cause i got a good price” tho…


Why don’t you recommend winfly modules?

it’s a bit of a mess to build it together
nese is bigger, but probably much easier to assemble

if you wanna try them, you can have em

If it is still available. What deal can you do on the TB DD + TB 110 + unity case + shipping to Belgium??

should be 42$ for shipping

so 590$ shipped?