[WTS][NZ] Maytech 6374 x2, Flipsky 6384 x2, Evolve 6” and 7” Wheel, Eboosted Enclosure

eBoosted Hummie MS Enclosure - 105 USD

Bought this originally for my Hummie DIY, then ended up using a different enclosure. New and untouched for a couple months now.

170kv Maytech 6374 Motors x2 - 75 USD Each SOLD

Used on my DIY board a few hundred kilometres, still in great condition, nice and quiet and smooth handling. These are the 10mm circle shaft versions. Switching to newer drivetrain and motors so won’t be using these anymore.

190kv Flipsky 6384 Motors x2 - 40 USD each

Motors been used for about 150km. One of the motors have some slightly stripped threads. Using new and longer motor screws will be fine for these. Light marks on the outside. This batch of motor I measured to be about 194kv and the speeds I got were much higher than on the esk8 calc. 15T pulleys, key shaft and 4mm to 5mm bullet connectors included.

Evolve 6” AT Wheels Kit - 70 USD (SOLD)

6” AT Wheels have been used for couple hundred kms. The tread and tyre are in great condition. Just a little dirty but I’ll clean it. Tubes, hubs, 47T pulley and evolve bearings included. Extra 6” tubes provided.

Evolve 7” Off-road Nobby Kit - 70 USD (SOLD)

Used these for 1week, still in great condition and a lightweight alternative for off-road 7” wheel. 66T Pulley, tubes, hubs, bearings included. 1 extra tube.

Prices do not include shipping, but depending on where the buyer is located, we can negotiate shipping. (I’m in New Zealand, we’re used to absurd shipping prices haha).


Dm’d regarding motors

(Added Flipsky motors, Evolve 6” and 7” AT Wheels)


6384 still up?

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I forgot these were still listed. They’re still up but one of the motors has a slightly stripped thread and cosmetic damage. Still works well, just need to use longer motor bolts and blue loctite ( which you should be applying to motor bolts anyway). I’ll update the price for this.

Any chance youve still got one of the flipsky 6384’s?

Yup, still got both available.

sweet, I’ll take both :slight_smile: