WTS Meepo Hurricane ESC and Remote (Price Drop)

[US] Ling yi 70 Amp meepo hurricane ESC And remote.

Meepo Hurricane ESC
Stock hurricane ESC
$75 USD New: 65 USD

Meepo M4S Remote
50 USD




Peices are super negotiable. I just want em gone tbh.


Does the esc come with a switch?

it doesent. its just a 12mm momentary if your worried about compatibility.

Remote is sold

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hey, messaged you yesterday regarding this. let me know.

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Hey! Sold the remote already. Still have the ESC. Would you still be interested?

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could be for the right price. how flexible are you?

I think somewhere around 75 is fair. What were you thinking?

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i’m closer to half that because its a proprietary esc with little online data so i’m not confident i can even use it for my project but for $35 i’m willing to take the risk.

kinda lowballing imo


i hear ya but for that kinda money you can get a makerx vesc 4.

meepo escs and motors are way overpriced for what they are imo. i just think its gonna be a difficult esc to sell considering it only works with one board and its the older recalled version. iirc meepo swapped those out with 100 amp versions.

idk how much interest you’ve had in it but if you wanted to sell it asap i’m good for $35.


Nah im good man. Thanks for the offer though. also they never recalled this version, they just changed to a proprietary motor connector instead of bullet.

no they did. they increased the size of the phase wires, increased the current to 100 amps, and made the esc more waterproof.

when was it recalled? the 100a version is an upgrade, 70a version had no issue for what it is

if u have prove of meepo or lingyi issuing a recall, send it, i’d like to see it

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they were having failures which is why meepo sent all the owners replacements. i dont think this was officially called a recall. some people were getting melted phase wires.

so when was the recall that u said it happened?

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the “free upgrade”

Tell me where I can find a makerx dv4 at that price I’ll buy it in a second :sweat_smile:!