WTS Lacroix 12s SOLD

I have built what I thought would be my dream board and yet here I am posting a for sale add. This really is an amazing machine but it’s not suited to my riding style.
The build was finished a week ago and the battery has been charged once to about 75% then run to about 50%. Basically it’s a new board that’s had once test ride.

What’s going

Lacroix deck and enclosure
MBS full metal trucks
Lacroix motor mounts
12s5p NCR20700b
Ideal pulleys 72t
4 MBS rockstar II wheels
12s bms wired in with water proof charge port
12s really slow charger

What you need to get going

Motor pulleys

Price for the lot $1600


I’d like to sell local
Located Hudson NC
Can ship and will split shipping cost

Howdy! I’m interested in this but am apparently unable to PM you (due to just registering here?) At any rate, could you tell me the specific pulleys and hubs that are included?

Which BMS does this have?

Also, do you have a build thread or history over on builders forum?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have a build thread here but I started one over at builders and didn’t really go through with posting anything on it.
I’ll have detailed pictures up tomorrow with the board taken apart. I’ll take some video of it running before I pull the unity.
I got the wheel pulleys from Idea, I think he’s over in Sweden?
I got the bms from amazon, it came from China. It’s a charge only. Also I have a Neptune lite bms Bluetooth thing that ended up being not what me or Hyperion thought it would. Just in case anyone is interested.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I’m looking for details such as tooth count, Rockstar Pros or Rockstar II’s, etc.

I can’t find your user over at builders and am looking for some history of previous transactions, etc.

Thanks again.

@NingNing our of curiosity, what didn’t you like so much that you are awlling after only a couple miles?


Yeah for real lol

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The board is a beast, super fast, very stable. I can see what draws people to this board but it’s not for me. It’s probably the perfect board for someone else. I could change the trucks and get it closer to what I’m looking for but I don’t want this much money tied up in a board that’s not exactly what I want. I’ve already started my next build that I know will be my perfect ride.

I hate to see it go, I spent many hours building and buying the parts. But hey it’s all good fun…


They are 72t pulleys and they are the rockstar IIs

My user name is Rocklocker over at the other forum.

This is the only picture I have of the bms, I used it for reference while wiring.

Before this rocket ships off I thought I’d show everyone the inside finished in case there’s a problem I should address.

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It looks really well built, and it also looks like you have a lot of time into it. I know you said its “not the board for you”. But what exactly did it not do that your new board will? What are you building to replace it?

Asking because I’m curious, but I also think this information will help you sell the board. These parts in particular are usually considered cream of the crop, and its unusual for someone to sell it after just one ride. It currently comes off like something is wrong with it and you want to dump it(I feel like this probably isn’t the case, considering how clean this looks but that’s just what was in my head when i read this, and i’m sure others feel the same).


Where’s the specs of the new board

Bustin sportster
Evolve trucks
Evolve wheels/47t drive gears/6” evolve tires
Evolve enclosure
30Q 10s4p
6374 170kv motors
Some sort of trigger style remote

The lacroix and this new board ride completely different.

Also the board has been claimed and should be shipping out tomorrow if all goes as planned.


Board is on the way to a new owner



Thanks again sir!