Wts haggyboard 6364 190kv motor

had plans with this motor but they fell out

i am selling for £35 plus shipping which i fell is a fair price for this motor

sensors work fine and is in perfect condition

comes with a d shaped pulley

it is a sealed motor and haggyboard timo can sell another if you contact him for a cheap price

thank you

shipping from uk

I thought you were really looking forward to having a pair of them…what happened?


Ordered a makerx vesc instead of flipsky ones for new build and I need to fund that

Plus he second motor would have costed more then I could get for both my flipsky current ones so I had to scrap the idea

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if you order a seccond form haggyboard you can have a dual setup for like 140$ plus shipping

i believe he sells them for 90$ plus shipping each for the 6364 ones

need a quick sale so offers will be accepted

Nice motor for a good price for a single build.
What’s going on here out of interest?
There’s not a screw missing?


nope the screw is there put that hole is just to get to the screw behind

you interested or not really

So the motor is ~2450 Watt with 65A and 10S?
It has a hall sensor right?

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I would also buy your VESC perhaps :slight_smile:

haha, c’mon, it’s @Halbj613!
I’d take that deal if you were in the states. GLWS


Did you sell this?

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nope not yet

Where’s the bullet connectors on that motor?..

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There aren’t any

Also @BillGordon please close