[WTS] [Germany/EU] Carvon V4 Speed drives - €350

Carvon V4 Speeddrives - €350

Has some scratches and signs of use on the cans but in good condition otherwise. Phase wire connectors have been removed but never got around to putting the new ones on for the unity.


Why are the screws on the cans different? Was that from changing the phase wires and losing the originals?

He mean bullet connectors, not the phase wires.

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Then it looks like maybe those motors have been modifed. Surely they were not shipped like that

How much for shipping to uk

Also do you have some details such as kv and so on

Save your money for a new VESC 6


Have been away on holiday and not checked in to the forum for awhile. Back now and drives are still available.

Original screws had one rounded off on that side so I replaced them all.

Shipping to UK with DHL tracked and insured is 20€. speeddrives are 110kv

Do tou maybe need a battery?
Maybe we can work out some trade, dont know if I asked you already this but anyways :smiley:

Hey, Nope I have no need for a battery or anything eskating related.
I am selling everything related to eskating or battery making to make space for new hobbies.