WTS for free (DOA) Dual Esk8supply vesc6 EU

Hey guys!! I got a very generous gift from @Jujo, a dual esk8supply vesc6. Sadly it was Dead on arrival, which was a bummer given that the time that my build is taking to come alive it’s greatly increased. The vesc itself looks okay upon inspection, it’s lacking a broken capacitor (that does not interfere with the functionality). The real problem is that it fails detection (flux linkage detection failed). My plan is to give this one away for free for someone to repair (you just pay for shipping). And buy a new one with the discount Nathan from @Esk8supply gives me, and when my unity arrives and I’m done with all my experiments give the new one to some guy starting who needs it, just as @jujo did with me (or sell it for a low price, I’ll be honest, I’m a student and don’t really have much money XD). So if someone is interested in this PM me :slight_smile:
Also, to turn it on you short the green and the white wire, @jujo didn’t send me the on off button and I didn’t bother to find one :joy:.

This is the missing capacitor in case you want to try solder it again

Man, why you gotta be in the US



edit: hes not usa based…


I failed you :frowning:


He’s in Spain, could still be worth it :man_shrugging:


lol why the fuck did i read US.


Dude, is the other way around, you don’t know how grateful I feel about your gifts and help setting my board up, you’re awesome!!

I can send it to Germaby easy peasy :slight_smile: I live in Spain!!

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It comes without a remote i assume? Is only the stock once compatible or any

e: judging the missing connector probably only stock

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It comes with remote included, I just didn’t feel like taking a picture of it XD it has the receiver imbedded on to the board so you can only use that one

What do you reckon shipping will be?

i’m tempted. Could upgrade my hub board but i would send it to Seaborder in the first place to check if he can see the reason for not passing detection.

I don’t have to have it is what’s more important. If someone needs it more, take it.

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I think it would be around 15 € tracked and half no tracking, @Simeon has contacted me also so you guys can talk and decide, you where both pretty fast, and if you can decide who takes it, I would be more comfortable. :slight_smile:


He can have it. Like i said, i don’t have to have it. It would be a nice to have to program it since the hobbywing escs are locked. Mine work perfectly fine, so if someone is happy with the Esk8supply esc that fine with me.

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Awesome, I’m sending you a pm about this :slight_smile: