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WTS: Flipsky dual FESC 6.6 plus [EU] SOLD

Bought in 2019 July. Anti-spark shit the bed in the first week, but other than that it has been working fine ever since. Has XT90 and MT60 connectors. Selling because I will be upgrading to two separate units.
Asking 150€ + SH (preferably EU)
PayPal only. Ships from Estonia


Need pics of your one


Preferable to have a picture of one on the first post

@BillGordon @zach


I just didn’t want to open up my enclosure, its an vesc there is not much to look at…


I think let the mods make he decision whether that I should ok or not

@BillGordon @mmaner @zach

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Sorry, man. Thems the rules. People want to see what kind of shape everything is in before buying. I’ll close the thread until actual photos are included. Please PM to re-open when ready. Thanks!


Do you still have the hall sensor cables?

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This man gets it :+1:

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Why are you switching over to 2 single units?
problems with the slave dropping out?

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These? if you are looking for them, then yes I have.

I have a dual 6374 mtb build. I had this thing in a very tight enclosure, without any cooling. 2kw for 2-3mins and it hits the temp limiting. Two seperate units should help with that a bit (more surface area). Haven’t really had any other issues with it.

Yes those cables. Hmm tempting for my hoverboard Onewheel conversion because it is a dual motor hub.

Temperature limiting at 40a is a bit worrying however.

What would shipping to the Netherlands cost?

That would be 15€


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