[WTS-EU] TorqueBoards Direct Drive 75KV (ABEC & Kegel adapters)

Hello everyone,

Selling this never ridden TB DD kit :

Everything shown is included. Comes with both KEGEL and ABEC wheels adapters (80$ value).

Only mounted to deck, scratches can be seen on the baseplate :

Wires are untouched :

Disclosure : I had an issue with one motor having strange resistance when turning it by hand, fixed by removing and replacing the motor on the truck and not overtightening the axle nut, no apparent issue since but I never powered them. Tested the phase wires with a multimeter, all values indicates no shorts.

Selling it because I want to be able to mount the trucks in a drop through setup, so I’m going for another motor/truck combination.

I’m in France, price is 550€ + shipping


If only you would have posted this 2 weeks ago :confused:


i take it

do they come with wheels ?

im from netherlands how much is shipping

Someone has messaged first in PM, sorry. I’m dealing with him first.

alright let me know

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Sold! @BillGordon can you do your magic? Thanks :blush:

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Almost got a stroke before i realise this was not the price for the DD ahahahah