[WTS/EU] Spiral Bevel Gear drive

Hey Y’all.
Got this beauty here for sale. Sale will fund a bike (thanks Germany) or some may go towards the Bonebreaker board

So…What do we have? We got an unused set of Spiral Bevel Gear drives.
Dry mounted one to see how it works. Has never been ridden or spun by a motor.

Things to mention that are important: Some parts have tiny marks where the paint chipped due to shipping. The Caliber style mounting parts both have a dent, known problem from these drives but has no affect on mounting them. (someone copied them and cncd them new i think, as a possible upgrade) Damagae shown on the last 2 images.

The last thing is: It already was missing 2 grub screw when i got it. Can easily be replaced.

Apart from that it has everything needed, even Bergmeister adapters.

Shipping internationally is possible although quite expensive for US folk (36€). Other countries in the EU are waay cheaper.

Price? i had 230€ in mind + shipping, PP fees.

NOTE: Wheels are NOT included but can be added for a bundle price compared to my listed wheel price on my other sale post) Wheels are genuine Abec 97mm wheels.

(thats a hair, not a crack ↓ )

Here are some pics how they would look assembled.
(Not my pictures)



Im interested. What wheels are they compatable with? Abec, kegal mbs, etc?

Can you ship to US?

They are compatible with Abec wheels and Bergmeisters if you use the adapter.

Can ship to the US but that currently costs 36€ (Tracked and insured)

Got it, I overlooked the US shipping in your posting. I’ll have to pass.

Did I hear someone say “solid gold unobtainium”?


I can’t believe these aren’t gone already… So tempting… I’ve no idea what I would do with them but I want them.


Get in here @Bavioze

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Added some pictures at the bottom on how it would look.

Note: Currently speaking with someone that’s interested. I’ll keep this post updated on how it goes.

IF you really are interested PM me to basically save you a spot.

Shipping to most countries in the EU is 9-14€ tracked and insured.

Mechanics Porn :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sale pending!


Can something be gold and unobtainium? Aren’t they two different elements?

I’ve had to pass up these gears twice in the past because they never show their face when I have the funds​:sob::joy::sob::joy::sob:. And now a third time​:sob::sob::sob:


maybe its fate…


I think it is.

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omg, i want this soooo much. but i dont need it. it a beauty

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There’s a lot of you who want it but don’t need it :smiley:


rotating those 90 degrees makes it look so futuristic!

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giphy (1)
Thanks to everyone who showed interest!