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[WTS] [EU] Single FSESC 6.6 and Caliber II Trucks and Purple Kegel (Serious)

I don’t need them anymore, so they must go.

Single FSESC(this thing here is a reliable one. Lucky one) with slighty damaged phase wire insulation. FW 3.6x -120€(I fix it for you. Heatshrink should be enough)

Caliber II trucks slighty used and one is filed for a pulley -45€
And kegel wheels -SOLD

Yea I know, they are dirty, but I’ll clean them before being shipped.

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How much to convince you to clip your nails?


A million. jk. :slight_smile: They look long on the img, but they are not that long. But you won.

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How old is the vesc?

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I bought it on 22.03.2019 and I had a week later at my door.

I’ll grab kegals

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How else is a guy to dig deep & farm those nose crustaceans to the max?

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bumpy. 115€ for the esc.

110€ for the esc.

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Baby, pump it up. 100 including shipping.

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Did you clip those coke nails? Might help with the sale



Alright now please change from the default theme…

we’ll make a gentleman out of you yet

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Still have the calibers?

jep, sitting in the shelf

My friend is interested. He will send you a pm.

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95€ bump

it needs to go.