WTS EU scrap sale, Elofty, caguamas, surfrodz

Found something to get rid of, maybe it will make someone happy.

I have for sale:

Blue caguamas in 85mm I think, 8/10 condition, with some red bearings, 6/10 condition.
Maybe 40 euros?

Surfridz hanger with baseplate, not sure how hard taking the bolts would be. Pretty beaten, but in perfectly working condition.
Maybe 50 euros

Elofty hubs First gen with you know the tyres.

Probably was 3 years ago since last time I have used them, but honestly remember having zero issues. One motor was rewinded and matched to the other side in a professional shop, and used since then.
Maybe 100euros.

Shipping probably only in EU at buyers expense.
I’m absolutely open to offers, bike is waiting for the funds.


Il take that direct drive for 75 ?

Just an fyi, these are 80mm kegels.

Good luck with the sale!

Good call. My set is still going 5 years later. Pull the extra arms and make it fake TKP.

I already fried one set. What was the KV on yours?

PM you so as to not clog up our friend’s sales thread.

30 for kegels, 35 for surfrodz, 80 for elofty

20 for wheels, 25 for surfz, 70 Elofty, or 100 total

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Hey could you check shipping on those to italy ?
and also for the whole lot at this point

Around 30 with tracking

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I should not spend money but it’s too good an offer to pass, writting you in private

@Komamtb hey man, I’ve sent you a few pm, could you please get back to me ?