[WTS] [EU] Loaded Kut-Thaka Build

Hello Everyone,

I’m moving and need to sell one of my builds.

Deck Loaded Kut thaka
Enclosure Eboosted
Battery10S4P Sanyo 20700B (17Ah - 612Wh) About 40 charges
Dual Focbox
Antispark Flipsky and loopkey (can be remove very easily)
Dual motor Flipsky 6354
Remote Flipksy VX1
Unik Pulley 32T
Motor pulley 15T
Belt 265mm
Wheels Caguama bue (77A)
Bearings Zealous
Truck Caliber 2

This is a very small build but very powerfull, i weight around 110kg and can do 50km.
Top speed is around 43 km/h.

I’m asking 900 euros

Visible in Lyon (France) or Madrid (Spain)


This deck is awesome! I find it pretty stable at 40 km/h and it’s very maneuverable.

Just wanted to say that :slight_smile:

edit: it’s no way near as stable as a downhill deck imo.


This really interests me as a build, you got a build log or pics of it open? Hadn’t I just built a board I’d buy it

Have you posted it on the french forum ? Because if you’re in Lyon some people might be interested

Yes i did :wink:

For the pictures of the inside:


If you want to part it out, I am interested in the whole drive train (back truck, motors, mounts, pulleys,belts) and wheels. let me know

Do you run it in FOC or BLDC?

Foc, and sensored

This is such an awesome build.

So i’m selling some parts of this build.

Deck + enclosure + battery 10s4p + antispark + charger
300 euros

Caliber trucks + unik mount + 2 unik pulley 32t
150 euros

I will add one free 6354 flipsky motor to the first order (fully functional).

How much for just the deck and enclosure?

200euros. But i really prefer to sell it with the battery.


I’d take the deck enclosure batt package. Let me know when you can meet.

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You’re getting 50km range with a 10s4p on a dual drive build? How fast slow do you ride lol? :smiley:

The battery pack is made with 20700 so 50 km is doable at normal speed

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Ah, my bad, missed that. You are excused :stuck_out_tongue:



Hey man, Finally busting this board out. Quick question: how were you monitoring the battery levels and what kind of BMS is built into it ? (I’,m a bit lazy don’t want to dig into it)

I was not. It’s a « dumb » 10s bms