[WTS][EU/ITALY] Bioboards Plutonium 2 - barely used

Selling my barely used Bioboards Plutonium 2 with as low as 146 km on it (see picture of Davega screen). It is currently the most powerful production board on the market. Why am I selling it? The few times I’ve used it (no more than 4-5 rides) made me realize I won’t be able to get the most out of it where I live. Traffic is ridiculous and roads quality/width is not good enough. Yes, I should’ve assessed this before buying it but I was just too enthusiastic when the board got released. I don’t want to see it in my garage getting dust, it’s frustrating. It deserves to be ridden and enjoyed by a real enthusiast.

I have never ridden it in off-road, dirt or rain. No modifications to factory settings/build.
You can read all the specs and features here: Plutonium - Bioboards – Bioboards Eskate. To mention a few:

  • potential max speed 80 km/h (50 mph) with this setup (18T motor pulley);
  • 2x 65100 5400W motors;
  • BioX VESC esc;
  • 12s8p Molicell battery 1380Wh for an estimate of 34,5-92 km range;
  • steel gear drives;
  • Davega screen (Pro version)

Please, consider the price on their website is ex-VAT, meaning that this build costs $5,111.80 (4700 eur + 80 for the high-speed kit installed) including VAT. I will add in the box a full set of 87a bushings I bought (another 80 eur worth). My offer is 1000+ eur lower than stock price. However, shipping costs and PayPal commissions are on buyer.

I strongly prefer to sell and ship within Europe and via PayPal for both the buyer’s and my safety.

For technical questions, please refer to their website/support at Plutonium - Bioboards – Bioboards Eskate, I have very little DIY skills/knowledge. Markus from Bioboards is very helpful. I can provide more pictures and/or a custom video.

DM for more info or contact me on Discord: Roby#4341 (Sorry if it’s against the rules, I will delete Discord in case).

Price: 3750 eur / 3945 usd (+ shipping costs, around 90 eur within EU)




My heart stopped for a second because the next half of the sentence didn’t register :grin:

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Please don’t delete discord, a lot of folks would be unhappy if you did that. Plus, their engineers spent a long time making that nice product. Shame if they had to redo all that hard work.

Good luck with sale!


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See more at the link in the original post!


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