[WTS] [EU/GER] Abec Drive Kit + Miscellaneous parts

Shipping anywhere in Europe

List of items:

  • Abec Clone Wheels 97mm Sky Blue (Price: 30€)
  • 36T Dickyho Abec Pulleys with screws and revised retainer (black) (Price: 30€)
  • 36T Kegel Pulleys Pressfit ElectricBoardSolutions (Price: 40€)
  • Mini Remote (Remote only) (Price: 10€)
  • XT60 Splitter / Series Connector (Price: 5€)
  • Anti Spark Switch XT90s + 3D printed shells (Price: 3€)
  • 12 AWG wire black/red 1m (Price: 5€)
  • Bullet Connectors (Price: free)
  • 15T motor pulley 8mm bore keyshaft (Price: 5€)
  • 15T motor pulley 10mm no keyshaft (Price: free)
  • ElectricBoardSolution Sticker (Price: free)


  • JST 6 pin male female (Price: free)
  • Can Cables (Price: free)
  • JST 7 pin male female (Price: free)

All items have not been used or are in mint / “like new” condition



missing price

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Hold on :slight_smile:
Thanks for pointing out

‘When you see no price you make price free’ - inmate 407


May I ask where you bought those can cables?

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Just regular JST 4 pin cables and you take the outer two wires out

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Bump :slight_smile: