[WTS] [EU] Focbox Unity

Hi, I am selling this Unity I got from the third batch. Couldn’t wait and bought one from another forum member in between so this one is over now. It is completely new. Price 270€ + shipping (only EU).

Lmk first if you decide to ship to the US

Hello, I’m willing to buy that focbox, I’m in Spain, Madrid, 28917, can you calculate shipping.


Yes will come back to you this evening. Just FYI, I used the 3.5mm male bullets that come with the ESC. Don’t know if you were planning to use them for your motors, but they are missing.

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Hi Mario, shipping is 25€. Are you still interested?

Did this sell? Otherwise I’m interested.

Hi Steven! It is still up for sale.

Ah, just snatched up two focboxes, next time.

Hello, just pm’d you.

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11 months later?..


@Anubis, I thought it was this year, lol.