WTS EU: Elofty DDs + Janux hubs

I purchased these here on the forum some time back and they’ve been collecting dust ever since. I just replaced the connectors on the drives for MR60 and I bench tested the motors. All four motors are functional including sensors.

Note that the there are no temperature sensors, only hall sensors.

The Elofty drives are 85 kv 60 kv (measured) and they come with Evolve baseplates.

Asking 500 EUR for everything but I’m open to offers.

If you need tires/tubes, I have some used 165mm Trampa’s. I also have a set of Trampa gummies that I could probably be convinced to part with.

I’m happy to ship worldwide. Overseas will be pricey though since these are not exactly lightweight.


what’s the hub width on those janux?


I didn’t have a banana for scale so here’s at least a ruler:


I realized I never verified the motors are actually really 85 kv so I just measured it. I’m getting 17,000 ERPM unloaded at 30V so I believe that’s ~81 kv (17000 ERPM / 7 motor pole pairs / 30 V). Close to the advertised value but not quite. I’ll edit the first post.

Edit: Actually, these motors have 10 (rotor) pole pairs, not 7. I also forgot to account for the fact the default duty cycle on the VESC is 95%, not 100%. So the kv should be 17000 / 10 / 30 / 0.95 = 60 kv.


Price reduced to 500 EUR.

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