WTS | EU/DK 8kW Trampa geardrive 1400$ SOLD!

Hi, Selling my Trampa because it scares the shit out of me :grin: , theoretical acceleration on par with gravity.

it’s with vertigo trucks yellow dampeners, superstar hubs, urban threads, 2x 4kW 170kv APS motors,2x trampa vesc6 mk3 and a metr module for adjustments,5:1 POM/steel enclosed geardrive, vx1 remote, or gt2b if preferred, all powered by 2 turnigy graphene 6s 8000mah LiPos.

Pickup preferred, but shipping available at buyers cost.
I’m also quite close to the German border if it ever opens again :smile:


where are you?

its in the title bro. lol


Sorry, didn’t realize.


Sweet deal. Would 4x batteries fit in the enclosure for 16AH?


Unfortunately not, two is already a tight fit :confused:

Dips on Metr if it ends up with partout :wink:
Oh and hi again @Phille

If there’s gonna be a partout, I need some interest in the larger parts than the metr :joy:


I just rly want that metr ahahah, just putting it out there so if it does happen. Showing dominance you know :wink:

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if you really really want it you can buy the board :joy:
but sure, i’ll keep it in mind :grin:

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Don’t tempt me…

OHH i think I will! :laughing:

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Interested in your board, where in DK are you? I have a friend in Copenhagen who could handle the shipping side of things :smiley:

Neat work by the way.

Hi, I’m roughly as far away from cph as possible in DK, however it being DK that is not really a problem anyway :laughing:

and thanks, but I bought it mostly assembled from a Danish builder, and have only added a few things :blush:

Ahh yes the California Pacific Highway of Europe. Sunshine and celebrities

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No, cph, short for CoPenHagen and I assure you we have Very limited sun and no good celebrities :laughing:, are you maybe thinking of PCH? :wink:


You tryna diss Michael Øgendahl @Phille You better stop before i wack yo ass

Or Fie Laursen

I ain’t tryna diss no one bro, but Mick doesn’t live in cph :laughing:
…no comment on FL though

Fair points… You’ll live this time…

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