[WTS][EU] Cheap Focer 2

I have two cfoc2 that are now unused, originally they were supposed to go into a from scratch onewheel build, but I moved on to a vesc pint.

Mounted on an alu plate with thermal pad under the mosfets and hotglued caps to the plate. They have 3D Printed covers.

Ideally I would like to sell them as is together, but I can separate them if neccessary.
They both ran for maybe two hours in total while configuring and testing the diy ow.

€135 for both mounted as pictured
€75 separate
+€10 for a XT60 Y splitter

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DIY OW needed two ESCs? how come?

More the merrier amiright

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It was built using two hoverboard motor, but I have since migrated to a pint that was missing a controller, so I went 15s.

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I’m assuming this doesn’t do 16s batteries, right?

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No, cfoc2 is limited to 12s. Take a look at cfoc3