[WTS] [EU] Brandnew Unitys for Sale!

I have here two brandnew Unitys for Sale for $250 each. Pictures are coming soon, when I am back home. Buyer pays shipping. PM me if you’re interested!


250$, not 250€, right?

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You saw it right. 250$


that´s a nice deal for EU people.
even for not EU people… as others sell them for 399$…or as min try to sell them for that.


Maybe Enertion are on the cusp of being able to deliver back/new orders which would negate any price hikes for private in-hand Unitys. The RRP on Enertion’s site is $250.

Of course there is always someone willing to pay extra to know they’ll get it in a week as opposed to a month or two given there is still zero trust what Enertion says in regards to stock levels.

Apart from that it’s hard to put the genie back in the bottle and add that surcharge when you’ve indicated already what you felt is a fair price = what you paid.

I have a spare which I fecked in my car trunk in disgust a couple of weeks ago, just remembered :joy:

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Pm sent

I see $299 where do you see $250?

If one is still available on Thursday (8/22) Count me in on it. Willing to send the money and cover shipping cost early in the morning if it works with you.

Could have sworn it was $250 when I posted…the Enertion pricing fairy :fairy:t3:‍♀ hard at work?

$300 would be enticing for anyone wanting one right now

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I pmd yesterday. I’ll take one if shipping costs to Hawaii are reasonable.

Hi mate I need one can you send to uk?

Sure man. Still available.Send a pm to me for further details.

Bump it up man!

Hey, @BillGordon. It’s done. You can close it.